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In this humble offering before the next longer post, I wanted to share this simple but calming tool to soothe your nervous system. It’s especially useful if feelings of stress, fear, or anxiety are taking over, and worsening pain.

2-Minute Healing Technique To Relax Your Nervous System

This deceptively simple, two-minute technique can offer you a moment’s healing respite when stress is high, and symptoms consequently increasing. It relaxes your entire nervous system. It’s soothing to your body, calming to your mind, helping to quieten overthinking, and in activating the calming parasympathetic wing of your CNS* — it also helps lessen some of the pain.

When you live with an oversensitive nervous system that can flare at the slightest stimuli, having techniques such as this one become invaluable coping tools. A healing acupressure pairing to know are the GB 20 (Gall Bladder 20), also called the ‘Gates of Consciousness’ points. Using this technique also helps ease headaches that are caused or worsened by the stress of living with pain and illness.

  • Find the GB 20 (also named the ‘Gates of Consciousness’) acupressure points, below the base of the skull and between the two vertical neck muscles. These are the green points in the image below.
  • Feel for the two hollows on either side (below the occipital ridge and between the trapezius and other neck muscles), about three or four finger widths apart (scroll down for image).
  • Press in these hollows, underneath the base of your skull and on both sides, while breathing smoothly, deeply, and evenly. You may feel a subtle pulse on these points.
  • Next, gradually apply a little more pressure, and then — only if it is not contraindicated for you and your condition — carefully tilt your head back so that you direct this pressure by leaning onto your thumbs or fingers.
  • Relax into this, and keep breathing deeply, staying in this position for about two minutes.
Disclaimer: Not being one to omit the disclaimer for the hard of thinking, nor to doubt your own inherent wisdom, obviously do not try this if it is in any way contraindicated for your condition, pain, or cause of pain. If in doubt, always check with your doctor.

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